Social Media Easy Tips: 1,2,3, Start!

By: Nan Ke

Get Connected in Social Media

Get Connected in Social Media

While I’m saying it’s really easy, I mean it. Give it a try!

Follow these, and you’ll grasp all you need for social media and jump start in a few hours.

1. Where to Social for Small Businesses?

A: Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and your own Blog.

These are what so far I found most efficient for small businesses. Forget about hanging on 50+ different social media sites unless you have a same sized marketing department and dollar as Dell. It is completely time-and-money-consuming business.

2. How to be Social?

A: Be yourself. Be personal. Start with your own blog and try to update weekly at first.

Research! Listen 300% more what other say. Then you talk.

Try publish more often, 5+ daily . Commit.

3.What to Social?

Blog and Twit about You, Your Family, Your Business , Your Customers, and Your Goals.

Being personal and sociable is very important. Comment on other blogs. Remember to be RESPONSIVE to your audiences, twitter followers and facebook fans. Answer their questions and involve in their discussions.

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