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Heaventree Candles E-Commerce Website

January 28, 2010 By: admin Category: Recent Projects


Systemtek is pleased to announce the completion of the new website for the Heaventree Candle Company! This handmade candle company out of Lake Zurich, Illinois wanted a new website where they could sell their assortment of candles online and give people a chance to learn more about their company.

The homepage for includes large images of their carved column candles, and organizes everything so you can start shopping right away. The left sidebar has all of the candle categories listed, so a shopper can go right to the category they want. There, you can choose among a variety of different products within that category. Once you have selected the exact product you want, the fun begins!

Depending on the style of candle, it may come in many different sizes and colors. One great aspect of this website is that you can click on different colors to see examples of that candle in all available color options. Once you have decided to purchase one, just add to the cart, make sure you have signed into your account, and proceed to checkout.

To view more of our E-commerce website designs and other new custom website designs Systemtek has developed, just visit our portfolio here: Naperville Website Design

Top 5 reasons why your website doesn’t work

January 24, 2010 By: admin Category: Marketing Tips, Web Design

by Steve Cho

Are you a mortgage broker, lawyer, financial advisor or a plumber? Did you know a service business can significantly increase leads and customer loyalty by an effective website? Does your service business website generate leads and bring customers? If not, I’ll explain what went wrong.

1. Your website does not look professional

Your homepage is the first impression of your business that you give to your potential customers online. One main reason people visit a service business website, is to see if the company is trustworthy. According to a 2006 web user survey, 60% of people don’t trust businesses with poorly designed websites. If you give wrong the impression to your potential customers, they will leave and visit your competitor’s website. A professional look and feel gives your potential customers assurance of your credibility. Once a visitor opens your site, your business is judged for better or worse. What impression does your website give?

2. Your website contents are out of date

When did you last modify your website content? Is your website still advertising last year’s events? How efficiently does your homepage flow into your detailed service pages? How effectively do you introduce your services on your web pages?

When your potential clients visit your website, they are expecting to find answers for their questions. If you give them outdated information or fail to express your service details effectively, you can’t expect leads from them. You may also give a poor impression of your business.

3. You didn’t market your website

Unlike your actual business building, your website may not be visible to your customers. You may have heard about search engine marketing and website optimization. If you are not a computer geek or don’t have time to learn about HTML, try to focus on off-line marketing. Try to put your website address on every possible marketing collateral, such as your business cards and direct mail.

4. Your website doesn’t encourage visitors to take action

Action could be a call for free consultation, signing up for a newsletter or sending an e-mail to request a quote. If you have a great looking website with useful content for website visitors, you should try to convert them into customers. Try to put action items on every page with some urgency. People usually don’t react when there is no urgency.

5. You never measure the effectiveness

Do you know how many leads are generated through your website? And how many leads turn into real customers? If you know how effective your website is, you can enhance your website to improve in the future.

Impress your visitors with a positive and professional business image. Even if they don t become your customers right away, impressed visitors can soon become your customers.