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Making a Good First Impression With Your Homepage

June 07, 2010 By: admin Category: Marketing Tips

On the internet, just as in person, the first impression can make or break your business.  Imagine walking past a store and the outside is falling apart, and the little bit you can see inside is no better.  Odd are, you won’t be shopping at that particular business.  On the internet, your website is your store, and making sure that the outside looks as good as the inside is important.  It’s vital to your business to make that person’s first experience with your website a positive one.

screenshot1The initial contact your customer is going to have with your business will most likely be on a search engine.  A potential customer will search the internet for a particular service, and you obviously want your business to be near the top.  Customers are much more likely to visit a site that is in the top five on a search than one that may be buried further down the list.  So making sure that your website has good placement in an engine is imperative.  Search engine optimization companies specialize in helping businesses customize their website in order to give them better positioning on search engine results.  So enlisting the help of an SEO company can help drive more business.  Additionally, your company name, as well as additional information that pops up on a search will help business.  Make sure that your site has key words attached to the site name so that potential customers know that your business specializes in what they are looking for. 

homepageOnce a possible customer clicks on your link, the first thing they will see is the homepage.  This is going to be their first real experience with your company, so it’s important that the homepage is a good representation of not only your company, but of your target customer.  Make sure that the site content reflects what you want your customer to think of your company.  Have an image in mind of your company, whether it’s sleek and stylish or warm and inviting, and have a website that reflects that image.  Like a good first sentence in a book, a good homepage will keep the viewer interested and will compel them to stay and explore. 

Finally, in addition to the layout and theme of the homepage, make sure to keep the first site current.  Whether it be through a daily message and weekly blog or monthly specials, it’s important for customers to know that you are maintaining the site.  Like a rundown store front, an unmaintained homepage gives potential customers the impression of a faltering business.  Show your presence to your customers so they know that you care as much about the appearance of your company and website as you will about their business.

You can never make another first impression, so make sure it’s a good one.  From search engine results to image to upkeep, a potential customer is going to judge your business on the first few clicks into your site, so make sure that those few clicks are memorable.  It will help drive business and keep people coming back for more.