Improving Your Google Ranking

August 10, 2010 By: admin Category: Marketing Tips, Web Design

The goal of most businesses, when it comes to their website, if to have their site listed near or at the top of search engine results pages.  And when it comes to search engines, Google is the top dog.  Climbing to the top of the Google ranking can be an arduous journey, but there are ways to make the trek easier, and sometimes faster.  Today we’re going to talk about tips that can improve your Google rankings and optimize your search engine presence.

The first thing that you have to understand about Google is that the site is primarily based on keywords, both in the main text of the page as well as text that’s imbedded it what is called the meta portion of your page, the area that isn’t visible to anyone but programmers and search engines.  The idea is to put accurate and unique keywords in your page so that when Google is searching, your site pops up.  So in the content of your page, make sure you include key words and phrases that reference your business or your location of both.  For example, Systemtek uses the phrase “Naperville Web Design” in numerous location because it maximizes our presence.  Potential customers often search for the type of business they are looking for as well as the area that they live in, so always be very specific when it comes to keywords and phrases.  List specific services and products that you provide.  Make sure you cover all your bases.  You want to make sure that a customer will see that you indeed provide what they are looking for.

One important thing to remember is that Google may go on keywords, but it also is designed to protect users from spam.  When you are considering the content for your page, don’t overuse the keywords.  A good rule of thumb is that for every 400 words on the page, 1-2% should be keywords.  This will ensure that you have the necessary means for being found in Google, but your page isn’t so oversaturated in keywords that Google will consider you spam and block you.  So be careful and have an even hand when it comes to including keywords.

Another tool at your disposal to move you up in the Google rankings is links.  On your page, link to other pages.  If you have a blog, link to it.  If you have a partner with a website, link to it and have them link to you.  Links provide more content for Google to read, and well named links are even better.  Rather than saying “Click HERE for more tips,” you would want to say “More SEO Tips and Tricks.”  That link does double duty, since it is both a link AND a key phrase for the business.  The more, well-named links, the better.

The last tip today is to get your site listed on online directories.  Do a little research on your own and find out if there are directories for business like yours.  Often you’ll find that there are places that will list your site for free or ask only that you put an icon on your page that will link back to the main site.  There are a lot of options to explore.  Just make sure you choose the right directory.  Again, do your research and make sure you’re not going to be balled up with a bunch of spam companies.  The name of the game is caution and care when it comes to SEO.

There are a lot of little things you can do to move your business up in the Google rankings.  The three we listed here are the biggest, and if you follow these directions you’ll see your page start climbing.  It takes some time, so be patient.  Just remember to keep everything well organized and don’t overuse the keywords, links, and directories and over time your business will show up in the first page when you Google yourself.

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