Your Company Logo: Coming Very Soon to a Google Map Near You!

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If you are like most of the internet searching population, when you need to find a local spot to eat, shop, or find an ATM machine you most likely have used Google Maps.  You may have even done this by accident.  If you were hungry and happened to be in Naperville, IL and you did a search for ”Restaurants in Naperville” you may get 10 options or so that automatically come up within a few seconds at the top of the results page along with local map of Naperville.  On the map restaurants are usually depicted by a  generic image such as a gray knife and fork over where it is located on the map.  Then you can take your pick of where you would like to go!  Here is the current way Google Maps is displayed:

These maps are very recognizable, take little effort by the searcher to pull up, and deliver fast results that are easy to view.  Google Maps has been testing their new idea out for about 6 months a new sponsored logos initiative in Australia that allows brands to display their logo on Google Maps on a cost-per- impression basis.  They received such a strong interest with advertisers in Australia that it is now being tested here in the US with huge companies such as Bank of America, HSBC, Target and Public Storage.  This will change the way we look at Google maps and will impact companies and brands positively to get their logos to be displayed as points of interest on maps also and in turn create more sales.  This is how HSBC’s logo is displayed now with the testing of the new logo feature:

How do you get your company’s logo to come up on Google Maps?

Google Maps considers the following along with other relevant info:

*how many citations a business has

*whether there is a Wikipedia entry

*if there is a lot of search volume

Once this is determined Google will then have the logo icon come up on the map view.  If you pay for a sponsored map icon it will not have an effect on if your logo comes up or not. You will only pay when your logo is viewed by someone.  With good results here in the US, there may be a day in the very near future your company logo will be spotted and recognized by Google Maps users everywhere.

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