5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Grow Traffic.

November 12, 2010 By: admin Category: Marketing Tips

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For most businesses that perform social media marketing, the task has become more of a race to be #1 in the search ranks rather than trying to increasing consumer response. A high search rank is important; however, being #1 on Google doesn’t mean you will get new clients. There are 5 key tips that every business should know that will help them succeed in generating a response.


Referrals are a big contributor of increasing a new client list. Sending newsletters keep you in existence with your current and previous clients. If you are not keeping an adequate relationship with your clients, then you will likely be forgotten when they refer work to their clients.

Proper newsletter guidelines:

1.      Do not over-send your newsletters to clients- By sending out several emails a week you are likely to become an annoyance rather than a convenience. It is important that you send out a newsletter only 2-3 times a month.

2.      Irrelevant jargon.- No one wants to read a 5 page newsletter that contains boring and uninformative content. Keep each topic short and engaging. Provide pictures, videos, or raise questions in order to keep the client engaged.

3.      Provide contact information- Links are important when you want to drive response to a landing page, website, or email.


It’s time to show people what you are made of. Blogs are a great way to drive conversation among readers. This is where you can provide tips, techniques or raise questions about specific topics. A blog is where you show people that you know what you are talking about. This can provide trust among readers which could land you future clients.

Proper Blog Guidelines:

1.      Have an attractive title- A title is the main way to attract readers. If a title is not engaging then the reader will think that it’s not worth reading your blog.

2.      Eye appeal- It is more appealing to readers when you apply pictures, graphs, videos, or any type of imagery to your blog.

3.      Keywords. Just like your website, keywords are important to have in your blog so that searchers can find your blog more easily.


Viral videos are becoming very popular when it comes to achieving reach.  A video on youtube or dailymotion will increase a company’s visibility both domestically and globally.

Types of Videos to use:

1.      Advertisements- Create a video that is advertising your company or service. Create a commercial.

2.      Tips and Techniques- Put your blog into a video and offer informative content to your viewers.

3.      Testimonials- Have a previous or current client discuss how they benefited from your services.

4.Social Networks

It is better to have a few good social network accounts rather than having multiple accounts on less well-known social network sites. You should have a high-volume of activity on your social network pages with regularly scheduled postings. To learn about how to advertise on Facebook click here

Top Social Networking sites:       (view chart)

Blogs Video Social Other
Ezine articles Youtube Twitter Craigslist
Digg Craigslist TV Facebook Merchant Circle
reddit Stumble Upon Myspace Google Places
Stumble upon 5min Linkedin Yelp
tumblr Yahoo video Del.icio.us wikihow
Xanga Google Video Ning wikipedia
Technorati Vimeo SEO Tagg FastPitchNetworking
Squidoo Dailymotion xing
tubearoo Ecademy

5.Discussion Forums

Not only are discussion forums a positive way to network with other businesses, it also helps you to expand your knowledge. Discussion forums allow you to develop ideas by discussing specific topics with other forum users.

These are tips that we have found very useful when it comes to social media marketing. If you have any more advice please feel free to leave a comment regarding additional tips. Thank you.

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