9 Unique Online Ways To Show You Care This Holiday Season

December 16, 2010 By: admin Category: Marketing Tips

With the holidays just around the corner, this is a great time of year to really captivate customers. Virtually every business has some type of holiday promotion going on, but not all of them are equally effective at creating customer loyalty. Here are 8 unique, memorable ways to show you care about your customers.

1. Decorate  your website with holiday pictures

Decorate your website and change some pictures on it to holiday related topics, like a Christmas tree, Santa, gift packages and other holiday related images. You can promote your products and offer a deal at the same time. It is a great way to greet your clients and prospects, and also to promote your products and services through holiday season.

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2. Appreciate your Friends and Followers

Social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become a popular way for any size business to communicate with their customers. A company’s Facebook and Twitter account are important in generating sales year-round, however, these accounts can be utilized more significantly during the holiday season. A good example may be creating exclusive offers or specials to your followers on Twitter; this is a way to turn new customers into potential returning customers.

3. Send a warm newsletter

Every business should have a newsletter that is sent out to an email list. Offer exclusive discounts to people who sign up for your mailing list. Many companies do this by offering customers 10% off their first online order.

Other ways to show you care in a Newsletter:

  • Promote your best customer
  • Promote your best employee
  • Highlight past years’ accomplishments
  • Highlight future company goals

4. Live Web PersonLive Web Person

Say thank you to your customers in style with a live web person. A live web person appears on your website and speaks to your visitors about anything you want to say. Through a simple thank you or happy holidays, a live web person can give a personal touch to everyone that visits your website.

5. Holiday Video

Sending  a personalized holiday video is a very entertaining way to get a customer’s attention. Keep it short and simple but make it memorable. The video is a long lasting way to increase customer reach. You can post the video on YouTube, the company newsletter, or on your website for everyone to see.

6. E-cards

E-cards are making a comeback as virtual gifts are becoming more popular. JibJab and other companies that offer interactive greeting cards like “Elf yourself” are creating great opportunities for people to spread some Christmas cheer.

7. Virtual gifts

Send some flowers or candy or maybe a car! It can get expensive for companies to send out gift baskets or other holiday packages to their customers. Virtual gifts are becoming the low-cost yet sentimental way of giving gifts this year. With virtual gifts you can send it to multiple people and can be customized to make the gift personal for each recipient.

8. Virtual Holiday Party

Did you ever think that you could host a corporate party or conference online? The virtual meeting sites open up a new world to businesses that want to add a new twist to interacting with customers and employers. You can create an online meeting place where people can create characters and attend. It is a simple way of attending a company gathering without really being there.

9. Share Your Knowledge

The Holidays are a time for giving and sharing. Figure out how your business can be helpful to people during the holiday season and advertise it online. Offer free tips and techniques to your customers about your line of work. Use your website, company newsletter, or Facebook account to highlight your free tips. Another great source for giving tips is through online article submissions. Article directory site will help improve your search ranking as well as offer valuable information for other internet users.

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