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Google Analytics: Simplifying Analysis of Website Statistics and Trends

April 03, 2012 By: admin Category: Marketing Tips, News

Google has updated their Analytics software. This newly updated software offers functions such as Real-Time Reporting, which allows you to track the progress of your site, Multi-Channel Funnels which lets you to view the channels your customers used before purchasing or converting, and Mobile Reporting which displays how mobile users access and use your site. Not only does this new version help you manage your website statistics, but it also benefits your business to grow and target a larger clientele.

Google knows how to keep the online markets up to speed with their new Real-Time Reporting function. Although still in the beta form, Google created a way for online business owners to access their company’s information to the second. Real-Time Reporting tracks the number of customers that have entered your website which can be categorized by different filters such as keywords, source, and campaign. You can even track your market activities.

Not only did Google provide a great tracking tool, but the new Google Analytics also offers Multi-Channel Funnels. These Multi-Channel Funnels display how clients interact with other products on your site before making the final purchase. Previously viewed pages are an important factor to knowing what products capture your customers’ attention.  Multi-Channel offers an Overview Report which helps identify the total number of conversions, as well as the number of assisting products that led to the final click. Using the Path Length option shows you the number of interactions that helped with the conversions, or if the final conversion was made by the final click. Lastly, you can use Time Lag report to see how long it took your customer to make the final conversion. Multi-Channel Funnels could really benefit a business in gaining the interest of the market.

Finally, the new version of Google Analytics includes Mobile Reporting which allows companies to track the interactions between mobile users and their site. This new function works by displaying how well your site is optimized for mobile devices. Mobile Reporting data can also help to make your site accessible through social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter. By creating new accessibility with apps and mobile friendly sites, the market expands as much as the market of smart phones and 4G networks. Opening the door to mobile users can really make a strong difference.

With technology escalating interest day by day, the use of Google Analytics can greatly benefit a company by opening new doors to the market. Real-Time Reporting gives you the ability to track online traffic to the second. Multi-Channel Funnels create an easier way to view the pages that assist the final buy. As for the Mobile Reporting, it gives you the opportunity to interact with a new client base on different mobile devices. Why not give it a try? Systemtek offers services to help install Google Analytics to every page on your website and continuously provide updated website statistics and designs, keeping you on track with your online business.