Advantages of SEO Landing pages for Business Online

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By: Sunny Popli, December 18, 2012

It is an undeniable fact that inbound marketing has played a major role in online businesses for the last few years. To be effective in this strategy, many website owners have realized the need to have properly-designed websites, coupled with effective landing pages. The design of the site must do two things: support lead generation campaigns and help in analyzing the traffic on the site. If the SEO landing pages are created properly, it will be quite easy converting those leads to sales.

What is SEO Landing Pages?

As its name suggests, a SEO landing page is the site page where the traffic lands. It may be a squeeze page, sales page or opt-in page. Whatever it may be, this is the very first page that a visitor will come to. From here, the visitor will be directed to all other pages of the site. The main purpose of creating a landing page is to attract both readers and search engine crawlers.

Advantage of SEO Landing Pages

Generally, lead generation campaigns and other marketing strategies help many businesses bring traffic to their websites. However, it is the SEO landing pages that will determine if the site will be able to convince these customers to stay and eventually purchase your products. Thus, your landing page must be something that will make the potential client want to browse the site.

SEO landing pages are important because they convince the prospective clients to take the necessary action. That action may be making a call, entering an e-mail address, registering for free trial services or going to other pages and making a purchase. In short, it is landing pages that can turn qualified leads into a sale. Without a proper SEO landing page, the entire online business empire can fall.

Tips in Creating SEO Landing Pages

SEO landing pages also play a major role in the success of your inbound marketing strategy. This page must be efficiently developed so you can track your business’ growth.

One way of making your SEO landing pages an effective online marketing tool is by offering some freebies when people sign up for your newsletter or promotional e-mails. Landing pages must also be professionally written – like a sales letter. It is not about the hard sale, it is about convincing customers to provide their information – and that can be just as important as making a sale.

Focus on how you can encourage them to download the free offer. Emphasize they need not pay anything to subscribe to the newsletter. Other than opt-in or squeeze page links and some terms and disclaimers, ensure there are no links on this page.

Understanding the Effectiveness of SEO Landing Pages

SEO landing pages have numerous benefits if done properly. Thus, it is very important that you are able to understand how effective your landing page is so that you can make some adjustments, if necessary. There are two main ways of landing optimization: multivariate testing and split testing.

Multivariate testing is simultaneous testing of different versions of the same element on the web page. This testing optimization is fast and will provide you with optimum landing page in just few days. This test is ideal for large websites.

Split testing is another feasible method of testing optimization for landing pages. In this method, the site owner needs to have two slightly different pages – your original page versus a redesigned page, for instance – tested at the same time. After testing, you will be able to identify which page works best. This may ideal for those with small traffic websites.

Search Engine Optimizations and Landing Pages

Testing how effective your landing pages are to web searchers is also important. Use long tail keywords so your site can jockey for top spots. Keywords must be included in header tags, the title and sprinkled throughout the body of your copy.

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