Beyond SEO: The Real Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

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One of the most inexpensive and successful forms of advertising for a business is blogging. While a blog takes an initial investment of time – both to set up as well as in consistent posting – you can find many sites that will host and provide a layout for a blog for free. Using a blog benefits your business’ online presence. Initially, the idea behind blogging for businesses was that a blog would provide valuable promotion of websites through the use of SEO. However, now that Google has initiated Panda, SEO has lost its Midas touch. Blogs that post simply for the sake of SEO purposes without providing original and readable content are dinged and demoted in the all-influential Google rankings. So how can you ensure your blog isn’t lost in the World Wide Web.
Timing is Everything
The key to blogging is timing. You need to post on your blog a minimum of once per week. However, if you can post every weekday, you stand a much better chance of having your blog viewed by a wider audience. The optimal time to publish to a blog is midday from Tuesday to Thursday – this is the peak time of blog readership. Having a difficult time finding time each day to post? You can write and save a post and set it up to publish automatically at a particular time and date.
Self Promotion Versus Useful Content
Steer clear of total self promotion. The rule of thumb is that your blog should be 10 percent promotion and 90 percent useful content and cross promotion for other bloggers and websites. How can this benefit your business? By providing useful content for readers, such as vehicle weatherization tips on a car dealership blog, you attract and maintain a much larger reader base. People who are searching for these topics will be directed to your blog, whereas you would attract a much smaller audience if you were only blogging about your particular business.
Determining Useful Content

To determine what type of content would be useful for your blog posts, use LSI to discern the SEO keywords that are related to your business. For instance, commonly searched phrases used in SEO as related to sporting equipment could be the World Series, tennis rackets, or Eli Manning. Remember to use the keywords sparingly in your posts. Ideally you would use a keyword or phrase two to three times per 500-word post – once in the first sentence, once in the middle of the post and once in the last sentence.
Other Types of Content Include:
Seasonal topics, such as holiday activities and tips for special occasions, as they relate to your business. For example, a plumbing business could blog about what to do if your bathroom has an unexpected issue during the busy holiday party season.
• Your favorite recipes or food preparation tips as this is a hot topic of Internet searches.
• Personalized posts, such as your own experience with eating at restaurants in exotic or overseas locales if you own your own food delivery service or restaurant.
• Photo or video posts- blogs featuring images or video are much more likely to maintain a reader’s interest in comparison to verbose and lengthy written posts.
• Popular news stories as related to your business, such as an alligator found swimming in an outdoor pool for a business that is selling pool supplies.
Expand Your Network
Attract a greater audience by promoting other blogs that have similar interests as your own. This is a prime way to network your blog, allowing your viewership to grow exponentially and at a much greater rate than if you were blogging solo. How do you do this? Add to the conversation of other blogs by posting comments on those blogs, and then self promote by including a hyperlink to your own blog. Request to guest post on other blogs and accept guest posts to your own blog. This is a great way to expand your blogging network and increase the variety of content posted on your blog. Don’t forget to respond promptly to comments on your blog posts. This keeps readers and ensures they will return to read upcoming posts.
Blogging is all about getting your business website recognized by as many Web viewers as possible. Use these tips provided to benefit your blog and increase the number of viewers that stick around long enough to read through your posts, thereby improving your ratings with search engines. Do you have any advice regarding blogging for a business? Leave a comment below so to share your knowledge.
Key Takeaways:
• Blog at least once a week and publish your blog midday Tuesday to Thursday.
• Post comments on related blogs and become a guest blogger. Include a short bio and your business hyperlink and name when you do so.
• Provide valuable content to viewers so they read through your posts and revisit your blog in the future.
• Get personal by responding to comments left on your blog and by posting blog posts related to your own real life experiences.
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